In collaboration with Elpitel (Satellite TV Broadcaster, and Nautisat (VideoSAT Antennas Manufacturer,, Blue Thread is assisting the Italian Environmental Organization Legambiente and the International Organization for the environment protection Greenpeace to accompany the Costa Concordia in its last trip to demolition, from the Giglio Island, where the cruise ship sank the night of January 13th 2012, to Genoa, Italy, where the ship will be then dismantled.

Blue Thread’s Space Compass is in fact integrated in the Elpitel’s Satellite TV System installed on-board of the Legambiente boat Goletta Verde, which is following the Costa Concordia during its navigation to Genoa; the Space Compass is providing the accurate True Heading measure to the Nautisat’s VSAT-120 antenna for a correct pointing and tracking of the telecommunication satellite during the course.

Costa Concordia will be filmed during the entire journey and the video sent in real-time on a dedicated satellite channel to the Legambiente and Greenpeace Monitoring centers at ground, to allow for checking and assuring that all the safety measures are met during the trip (sea and weather conditions control, environment safeguard and check for oil spills during the transfer and monitoring from remote of the ship navigation stability and correct trim).

The On-board VideoSAT System provided by the three companies Consortium is a smart satellite system, scalable and easy to install on board of vessels of different sizes; it is an integrated plug&play VSAT system ready for immediate TV services broadcasting.

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