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October 2010

ASI (Italia Space Agency) prize for Blue Thread

ASI grants Blue Thread a prize for the project “helping protect marine reserves” devoted to safety in navigation and enviroment safeguard and sustainability… Read More

Sea Future, La Spezia -october 2010

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September 2010

Galileo Application Days 2010, Bruxelles

Intervento di Blue Thread ai Galileo Application Days 2010, Bruxelles”
Blue Thread ai Galileo Application Days, Bruxelles marzo 2010

May 2010

Galileo Master 2010

Blue Thread’s founders, Giacomo Mangani e Alessandro Cantore, awarded at Galileo Master 2010 for the project Marine Telepass .

The Marine Telepass is an innovative system designed to provide easy, remote- controlled access to protected marine areas. Navigation restrictions in these areas can be difficult for visitors to understand; transit may be fully prohibited or […]

February 2010

Blue thread at

Intervento di Blue Thread all’industrial forum 2009, organizzato da, “the Concurrent Enterprising Knowledge Community” Sul tema “User Driven Open Innovation in Advanced Service-product development”

November 2009

European Space Agency (ESA)

Nel corso del 2009 Blue Thread ha avviato un programma di Business Incubation e trasferimento tecnologico con European Space Agency (EBI program), focalizzato sul nuovo sistema EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System), e su nuove tecniche per migliorare accuratezza nella localizzazione satellitare.

Blue Thread started in 2009 a Business Incubation and Technology Transfer program with […]

October 2009

ESA Business Incubation

Blue Thread started in 2009 a Business Incubation and Technology Transfer program with European Space Agency (EBI program), focused on the new EGNOS system (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System), and other new satellite technology improving accuracy and reliability in navigation and localization…. Read More