ICWM Project

Logo_icwmICWM Project (Integrated Coastal Water Monitoring): an integrated approach based on the integration of Earth Observation (EO) based services, Satellite Communication and Navigation solutions together with Terrestrial assets and crowdsourcing features, for the set-up of an improved coastal surveillance and water quality monitoring service in support to current practices on coastal areas for environmental monitoring and reporting, in particular to EU Directives.


Project concluded September 2016 – Sponsored by the European Space Agency.

Blue Thread developed for the Consortium the AIS-based Marine Terminal to be installed on-board, interfaced to the a multiparameter probe for local sample and measurement of the water quality (as e.g. chlorophyll concentration, surface temperature, salinity and more).

ICWM Project News

ICWM Project Stakeholder

Area Marina Protetta Punta Campanella (Campania, Italy)
amp punta campanella

The system was demonstrated at Area Marina Protetta Punta Campanella between July and September 2016.

For more info, please refer to the ICWM project web page .