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The BLUE DISCOVERY System is an innovative and powerful technology platform that allows for the deployment of an efficient and low-cost Access Control and Visitor Information System to Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The same concepts and main functions apply also to Tourist Ports.

Restrictions internal to Marine Protected Areas are often quite complex and not easy to interpret by the visitor. MPAs are divided in Zones with different access rules and allowing for specific activities only (either free of charge or on payment). Surveillance tasks are in general difficult to exercise and, above all, expensive, mainly because MPAs are often very wide and remote and surveillance resources (personnel, dedicated boats and equipment) are limited. Most importantly, efforts and resources required for surveillance are almost always subtracted to the capability of the Park to improve services to the visitors and to the environment itself. A critical aspect for marine Parks is the capability to manage efficiently and effectively all the required information to tourists and visitors.

BLUE DISCOVERY introduces a new and more efficient control model, by means of a real-time management and automatic support to all visitors during their visit, guiding them to ‘discover’ the hidden jewels of the marine area in an easy and immediate way and allowing for an overall optimization of the MPA resources.  The system aims to promote environmental conservation through a cooperative and conscious use of the Nature Reserve by the visitor. Moreover BLUE DISCOVERYprovides to the MPAs the capability to efficiently offer a comprehensive set of added value services to tourists, visitors and to the local community.

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The App is now in service to the Porto Cesareo MPA (Italy, Apulia Region – LE)


The following services are available in the latest version of the App:

  •  request and payment of authorizations for sport fishing, diving and mooring for pleasure craft in the Porto Cesareo (LE) MPA;
  •  possibility in the MPA of Porto Cesareo (LE) to send reports to the MPA relating to wildlife sightings (Citizen Science);
  •  request and payment of authorizations for anchoring and sport fishing in the MPA Regno di Nettuno (NA).

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Blue Regatta

race_control Blue Regatta is a fleet tracking application for Sailing Races, with a wide range of features, such as optimized start strategy, Layline determination, race path logging, and more. The App will be soon available on the Android Store.


March 14th, 2014: First Blue Thread’s Mobile App now available on the Android Store!
BlueCompass is a ready-to-use compass for your trekking days and daily life.
Straightforward to read, it doesn’t require any mobile coverage and you can thus use it whenever you need and wherever you are!
It is automatically adapting to your mobile device screen (smartphone, tablet) allowing for a faster and better reading.
It does provide the heading (both graphically and in number) and the device position (Latitude and Longitude).

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