Thanks to its large technological background and to its strict connection with many different players in the nautical field (Application and Service providers, maritime authorities, shipyards, charterists, skippers and sailors), Blue Thread can be considered a reliable partner in any maritime project where multi-technology and deep system integration skills are required.

Professional Services

    Thanks to its multi-disciplinary technological background and to the large and long technical and managerial expertise of its staff and business partners, Blue Thread is able to offer the following professional services:

  • Requirement-based Engineering
  • System Integration
  • Product Qualification & Certification
  • Certified Project Management

ICT Consultancy

Blue Thread detains also a large database of different and various professionals, with a broad ICT skills and different levels of seniority. Thanks to its slim and flexible structure Blue Thread can therefore also offer ICT consultancy in any application field at very competitive prices:

  • System design
  • Software development
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • M2M service design and deployment
  • IP security
  • Databases

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