COPPI Project

C.O.P.P.I. (Ciclismo Osservato con Prototipo di Posizionamento Innovativo): an integrated GNSS and wearable sensors system for professional bike racing & team training, able to report to a Central Station and to Mobile Applications (smartphones & tablets) the real-time performance of a single biker and of the entire team, for real time race experience improvement, statistics and strategysetting during training sessions and during the race.

BLUE THREAD developed the complete mobile system:

  • Design & development of the electronic board hosting the GPS receiver, the data acquisition system and the GPRS communication module;
  • Integration of the wearable devices on the biker (cardio-frequencymeter strip);
  • Integration of all the devices installed on the bike for remote monitoring (accelerometers, pedals-pace and power measurement, speed measurement, wind direction and speed).

Development Project concluded October 2013 – Sponsored by Lazio Region.