SMILE Project

smile_logoSMILE uses the features of the European Navigation Satellite Systems (EGNSS) and especially the Integrity service offered by the EGNOS system and the Authentication offered by the Galileo Commercial Service in order to make real-time tracking and reporting of Vessel Management Systems not only accurate but also reliable.

SMILE offers a new product in the maritime market segment with tracking and geo-fencing real-time services for commercial liability applications.


  • strengthen the onboard AIS equipment in order to make it more robust towards interface and noise, and towards jamming and meaconing attacks
  • strengthen the chain of tracing and tracking service, by means of an innovate identification and non-repudiation technique

Sponsored by Agenzia Spaziale ItalianaLink to the ASI Press Release  (IV Bando PMI)

Project completed Oct 2017.

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